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Wear orange often enough and people will tend to view you as confident, outgoing, fun and extroverted (and maybe a little bit of an exhibitionist but there is nothing wrong with that!).

Orange is warm and inviting and it adds an element of fun and optimism to our day. Hence the name of this knife, ‘Soleil’, which is French for sun.

The ‘solar warmth’ of the kirinite resin handle of this Deba-shaped double-bevelled chefs knife will definitely draw the attention of your guests in a positive way. It almost radiates!

Designed as a medium to short bladed chefs knife, it has a lovely curved blade for rocking and dicing vegetables and herbs as well as a sharp pointed tip for finer precision cutting. It’s great for working in small spaces and it does everything a traditional French Chefs knife can do.

In a pinch grip, the knife allows for total control of the tip of the knife and for the comfortable digging out of blemishes on vegetables or the eyes of potatoes. Because it is a shorter blade, it has this versatility.

Whether you want to hold the handle and rock the knife in a levered fashion or get up and personal in a pinch grip hold, the width of the blade will facilitate deep cutting and a strong response. This knife will go where you steer it.

Its lightly rounded rectangular handle provides a firm grip in your hand and its all-round nature will impress you if you have never used a knife like this before.

It is designed for people who like to add a little flair to their meal time preparation but be warned, the colour orange also encourages risk-taking. The meals you make with it may become more elaborate than you originally set out to achieve! But if you are an adventurer, you’ll be all good with that.


Technical Specs:

Blade: N690 Stainless Steel

Handle: Sunspot Kirinite with Brass Pins

Spine: 2.5mm; Overall Length: 295mm; Blade Length: 160mm; Blade Width: 50mm; Handle Length: 135mm; Weight: 235 grams

Soleil Chef Pro Kitchen Knife

  • All of our knives carry a lifetime warranty of quality craftsmanship

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