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We all know the benefit of a good stretch.


Streeeeetching improves performance, endurance and flexibility - which pretty much sums up this versatile kitchen utility knife.


And it's no further stretch to say that a santoku is the Japanese version of all of the above. Designed to aid your performance and create an ease of use in the kitchen, this mid-sized kitchen knife has been created with slicing, mincing and dicing in mind.


Its sheepsfoot shaped N690 stainless steel blade will lend extra security to the accident prone, as it is much harder to injure yourself with the tip of the knife being rounded, and the wider blade is great for scooping after cutting.


And the handle? Well that is why it is called Stretch! Made from a vertical stack of Oak, Puriri, Walnut and River Totara woods with a thin red G10 divider, it is smooth to the touch with softly rounded corners so that it fits lightly and comfortably in your hand.


It's rounded rectangular shape gives you an extra sure grip as you have a firm position to place your fingers and the internal tang protrudes just slightly to enable an easy pinch grip if that is the way you like to work with your knife.


Sharp like a sharp thing and with a slight 15 degree bevel up from the latter end of the apex to the tip, this knife is ready to rock - and slice and dice away vegetables, meats, fish or cheese of your choosing.

Stretch Traditional Santoku