This long bladed knife is the perfect treat for your BBQ, low and slow, or pastry needs.


Designed with a Granton Edge, the alternating dremelled grooves form small air pockets between the knife and your chosen item of cutting choice ... so that moist foods such as cooked meats like brisket and BBQ roasts (as well as cheese, cakes, chocolate and moist vegetables) don't stick to the blade.


For the same reason, the scribbled effect on the flat of the blade effects less bearing surface and also makes it easier to slice and cut meat and cakes. Slices will not crumble and meat won't roll up onto the blade.


The curved end means that you won't be stabbing anyone standing opposite you with this very long knife, any time soon. It also means that you won't catch or stab your meat by mistake; facilitating easy 'one stroke slicing' rather than having to roughly saw backwards and forwards as is common with some other knives.


Another plus ... the Granton Edge on this knife also allows for more flex in the knife than would normally be possible with a blade this wide so that you can bend the blade slightly to cut around bones more easily. Thin slicing, therefore, becomes effortless.


Made with durable and strong N690 Stainless Steel and a handle made from Tawhero (Towhai), this knife will keep an edge well and will be an heirloom knife for years to come.

Tawhero Brisket Biscuit

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.

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