If you have ever experienced the sheer brilliance and beauty of the spectacle of the wild lupins in the South Island's Mackenzie District from November through February, you will understand the reason for the naming of this knife.


Seas of pink, purple and blue flowers line the road side - a sight almost as refreshing as the mountains and lakes themselves. And while our own handmade resin handle has more durability than the flowers, it also resembles the fusion of colours that you can find on any fine summer afternoon heading into Lake Tekapo.


Robust and smooth to the touch, this knife is perfect for smaller hands and smaller jobs in the kitchen. It is perfect for detailed and fine cutting and will happily slice and dice through fruit, cheese, smaller vegetables and smaller cuts of meat and fish.


It's N690 Stainless Steel blade is sturdy, strong and versatile as well as being easy to sharpen at home.


A basic all rounder built for the smaller jobs.

The MacKenzie Lupin Utility Paring Knife

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.