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Displaying all the elegance of Audrey Hepburn, the Smooth Ciminal is a knife to both regard and take seriously.


Beauty,  sophistication and charm combine with a seriously sharp edge which does what it is supposed to do - cut with a fine and straight precision.


And the efficiency of the blade is matched by the comfort of the handle. It seems to just melt into your palm to the point where you don't feel it as separate from you.


We get a lot of comments that our knives are ones that you don't want to put down once you have them in your hand and this is one of them. So lovely that it was difficult not to keep it ourselves!


And what is this gyuto, with its  longJapanese steel blade and two-tone striped wooden handle used for?  Long thin slicing - for everything from sashimi and brisket to the Sunday roast.

The Smooth Criminal Gyuto

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.