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Willie van Niekerk

-a successful day at Puheke Beach

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There's nothing like time out

We make a variety of filleting knives. Here are two of our latest. Look soon for patina-patterned filleting blades with coloured resin hygienic handles!

Santoku and 9 inch fillet knife for Tony


We are pleased to have you here!

We feel honoured to be participating in brand unison with Tony and Bea at Journey of a Fisherman. We know you love their style and their adventures as much as we do!


As for me … being a hunter and keen fisherman myself, I know how it good it feels to escape with nothing but a rod, some bait, a bucket and a knife - and of course, some awesome lures. Ah...the freedom!

We value your freedom and your get away time so at Kiwi Blade Knives, our aim is make the best knives that we can in order to help you make the most of those precious days. 

Let's face it - no one wants a knife that breaks, loses its edge quickly or smells bad because the handle is hollow and has absorbed fluids!

We value your specific requirements

We are happy to customise an order to your own unique requirements, or you might just want to order from what we have in stock at the moment.

Our knives are pretty unique and distinctive so if you're after a quality knife that is a bit different, you're in the right place.


For sure, probably no one else you know will have one exactly like it. That's the beauty of handmade, handcrafted tools - they stand out as being different and distinctively yours.


There'll be no mistaking your mate's knife for yours!


Feel free to have a look around our site to check out what we have available - and if you have any questions, feel free to call me on 022 464 7499or buy now, of course, and we'll get onto making or sending your knife out to you!

Everything We Do is Made Meticulously By Hand


Given that everything we make is handcrafted, be aware that we might not have the exact knife you are after in stock at the present time (we sell out of certain lines of stock sometimes and we have to hand-make more to replace it) ... but we would be happy to make anything for you if you find that your dream knife is not in our shop window just at this minute.

We always have a lot of knives in various stages of production all the time. Chances are, we are half way through the kind of knife you are after. 


If that’s the case, drop us a line or call us and we’ll let you know if we have anything behind the scenes that might fit the bill ...  or if we might, instead, be better to fully customise a knife entirely and uniquely for you.


Customising is something we love to do - There is nothing more satisfying than making a knife that fits its owner in every sense it was designed for. Your perfect design may only be a chat away.

Filleting Knives Aside - We Make All Kinds of Knives


Alongside fishing and hunting knives, we also do a serious range of cooking knives which can be used on that low slow BBQ at the end of the day or in the kitchen later while you are impressing your guests.


If you are after a filleting knife, in particular, however, you might find some useful tips on how to choose the filleting knife that is right for you in our blog article here.


Talk to you soon – and happy fishing!


Willie van Niekerk

022 464 7499

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