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What is a Granton Edge and Why is it Useful?

A Granton Edge has a series of scalloped indents on the flat bearing surface of the blade (rather than on the apex or cutting edge of the blade itself) which allows for the sharpening of the blade in the same manner as the sharpening of a normal knife.

A true Granton Edge also has alternating scallops on both sides of the blade which have been carefully ground by hand.

The advantages of the blade are evident in its slicing and cutting performance when cutting moist and clingy foods such as roast meats, salmon, cheese, soft vegetables and low and slow brisket and BBQ meats.

The scalloped edges allow for tiny air pockets to form between the food and the blade while slicing. This promotes smoother carving through less friction and prevents the tearing and shredding of foods that might otherwise stick to the blade.

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