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Strong 12 inch filleting knife made from high carbon 01 tool steel. This knife is as versatile as it is sharp. 


More than ample for pan-sized table fish as well as bigger fish such as yellow fin tuna.


A high quality fillet knife with an original one-of-a-kind patterned patina to add to its distinctive character. Light and easy to hold.

12 Inch Filleting Knife with Patina

  • Made from 01 tool steel this high carbon knife will need washing immediately after use as well as oiling to keep it in pristine condition and to prevent it from rusting.

    The blade's high carbon content makes it sharp and helps it to hold a great edge - but it does need looking after. Don't leave it laying around in salty or damp environments (including knife sheaths) for extended periods of time. and never place it in the dishwasher as they damage and corrode all steel knives.