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Agama lizards like to bask in the morning sun and who can blame them. Stretching languidly across a nice warm rock and spanning around 25cm in length, these Old World lizards are only a few centimetres shorter than this 7 inch blade filleting knife itself.

Found in urban, suburban and wild areas alike, they are adept at survival and adaptation - two features that match perfectly to this filleting/boning knife as it was purposed designed to be.

Whether you want to give it a run on filleting your latest fresh or saltwater catch or, alternatively, want to run it down the seam of a larger animal carcass for boning, this lightweight knife is suited to both jobs.

The undulating micarta bolster at the top of the knife enables a great textured grip when the handle gets wet as well as providing the perfect positioning for your thumb to steer the blade where you want it to go and a comfortable resting place for your index finger underneath.

Its Pohutukawa slimline handle is also made to fit comfortably within the whole of your hand to enable use of the knife in a downward motion with your thumb directing its movements from its rounded butt.

Made from AEBL stainless steel, this knife’s blade keeps a sharp edge and has great wear resistance and edge retention making it perfect for outdoor activities. AEBL was originally used to make razors and scalpel blades so that should give you a hint as to how sharp this medium to stiff flexed little blade can be.

It is not often you come across such a versatile knife. Like a lifelong friend, it is just good to have around. And like the Agama lizard, it is happiest when it is outside just doing its thing.


Technical Specifications:

Blade: AEBL

Handle: Aqua Handcrafted Micarta and Pohutukawa

Spine: 1.8mm; Overall Length: 293mm; Blade Length: 162mm; Blade Width: 16mm; Handle Length: 133mm; Weight: 107 grams

Agama Lizard Boning Knife