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Tall and strong, this knife is something to tackle the the bigger jobs with.


Born from an old gang saw blade, it has been imbued with new life and loved back to life. Some of the original pitting marks still remain in the blade too, in reference to this blade's humble beginnings.


It's tough, strong and razor sharp. Don't try a wrestling move on this thing! 


Designed for fine slicing it is perfect for making sashimi as well as long precision carving. It's a single bevel blade which makes it even finer at the apex, and its high carbon blade composition enables you to sharpen it at home as well.


Sporting a differential bevel which gradually slopes from the heel of the blade to the tanto tip, it is as classically beautiful to look at as it is practical.


The pistol grip non-porous and hygenic kirinite handle completes the picture.


It will bring a bit of sashay to your sushi (or anything else you venture to slice)





Andre the Giant Single Bevelled Carving Knife