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Considered an epicurean delicacy by some, black pudding has a long history.


This knife is a tribute to both historical tradition and speciality, as it embodies both. 


Single bevelled santokus are a very special breed of knife and they have a very specific way of cutting. The angle of the blade is only applied to one side of the knife and there is a sharper gradient on the angle of bevel itself, making the knife fine-edged and razor sharp for precision slicing, dicing and cutting. The other side of the blade is completely straight.


A single bevelled santoku is a brilliant kitchen tool for preparing foods such as those found in Japanese cuisine and its sharp angled edge allows for making long unbroken, wafer-like cuts.


If delicate cutting of fish, seafood, meat and lightweight vegetables is your thing, this is the knife for you.


Definitely a knife made with the epicurean chef in mind. One who loves tradtion as much as beauty and elegance.


Just remember to match the knife to your dominant hand - This one is for right handed types.


And check out the handle ... Octagonal at the top, sloping gradually down to a rectangular base at the bottom. That is pretty special.

Black Pudding Right Handed Single Bevelled Santoku