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We all need a little magic every now and then – and when it comes in the embodiment of a 12 inch filleter, all the better.


We’re not saying it is going to improve your luck on the water but it will make your fillets look a whole lot better once your catch is hauled ashore.


With a stabilized Rimu handle and hygienic kirinite bolster along with a sturdy 01 Tool Steel blade, this medium to stiff flex knife won’t let you down when it comes to getting the most from your freshly caught tuna, kingis or larger snapper.


Designed for the ‘bigger fish’ that didn’t get away.


A beauty that will keep its edge and be easy to sharpen 'on the hoof' but you need to oil it after each use or it will rust. Here's a little article about the strengths and challenges of using 01 Tool Steel.

Blue Magic 12 Inch Filleter