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If you are in the mood to stab out the eyes of a few potatoes, Bob the Brunette is your gal.


Designed for everything from trimming the fat off your favourite BBQ offering to getting in around bones or simply slicing and finely cutting vegetables and herbs of all shapes and sizes, this knife is a handy utility kitchen knife for the smaller jobs on the chopping board.


It’s the knife you reach for when you don’t need a huge chefs knife or carving knife to do the job. Larger than a pixie but smaller than an elephant, in metaphorical terms.


Sturdy and made to last, the blade’s 2.5mm spine adds strength to its N690 stainless steel performance ability. 


And should it need a sharpen, that is easy too given that this Austrian Swedish steel has a reasonable amalgamation of carbon in it (which is what gives you your razor sharp edge along with great sharpenability).


Bob’s handle is made of visually striking and durable Wenge, topped with a complementary brown Desert Camo kirinite bolster. The combination results in an understated and elegant looking knife.


Bob is great for hands large and small and you will find yourself reaching for her time and time again across the kitchen bench when a smaller knife is all you want for the job.

Bob the Brunette

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.