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Somewhere in the world there must be a street filled with the smell of sweet caramel, liquorice and sweet candy floss aromas, where flowers droop heavy with their own scents and hot summer rains.

That is the era of this knife. Kids playing; a simple life.

Uncomplicated and functional at a practical level yet embellished with playful splashes of pink within its stabilised wooden handle, this knife has a sense that it could have existed decades (or even centuries) ago. It is definitely a nod back to more straightforward and uncomplicated times.

High quality N690 stainless steel and a sensuously tapered and full bellied stabilised Rimu handle make it a lovely knife to hold and use.

And it is sturdy enough and has a long enough blade to take on most tasks in the kitchen. Being a French chef’s knife, it is designed for all manner of slicing, dicing, dissecting and mincing.

Its finer tip is also useful for everything from removing unsightly bits from fruit and vegetables, to precise slicing of shallots and onions, to working in carefully around bone.

Its a blade that is designed to keep an edge and perform reliably time and time again.

Rustic yesteryear is only a slice away.


Technical Specifications:

Blade: N690 Stainless Steel

Handle: Stabilised Rimu

Spine: 2.5mm; Overall Length: 325mm; Blade Length: 185mm; Blade Width: 45mm; Handle Length: 140mm; Weight: 244 grams

Candy Lane French Chefs Knife

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.