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Cleopatra was a fairly ruthless woman. She did what she needed to when the occasion arose. A bit of a no-nonsense type - and this pig sticking blade is no different.

Made from strong D2 steel, the blade has a sharp pointed spearpoint tip designed for stabbing and easy penetration. On the blade edge, it has a robust and sharp convex-ground edge for cutting and butchering uses.

Built with a natural resting stop for your fingers and thumb, the water resistant acrylic kirinite handle is robust and curves into the palm of your hand.

Designed with power, endurance and reliability in mind, this is a medium sized knife that is built to take the knocks and stay sharp.


Technical Specs:

Blade: D2 Steel

Handle: Tortoiseshell  Kirinite and Brass Pins

Spine: 3.5mm; Overall Length: 315mm; Blade Length: 165mm; Blade Width: 25mm; Handle Length: 145mm; Weight: 243 grams

Cleopatra Pig Sticker

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