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Copperhead Road is one of Willie's favourite songs and .. believe it or not ... there is even a line dance that you can do to the song. Just Google it! He hasn't discovered that yet, thankfully.


But back to the santoku ... What can we say about this very resplendent and exotic looking knife? Well ... it's resplendent and exotic looking - ha! And it is rather lovely to hold and use.


The copper epoxy resin scales are made by us and they are fluid resistant and hygenic little beasts. DId I mention that they shine and reflect in different lights, giving the mesmerising effect that you might feel while looking into a copper-hued kaleidoscope.


And the N690 stainless steel blade is specially designed to add a 'scooping' feature to your slicing, dicing and mincing activities. Chop, slice, cut, scoop! It saves having to take the whole chopping board to the pot with you every time.


Built for strength and versatility, the modern santoku is very handy to have in the kitchen - for everything from rocking those herbs into a very fine cut to slicing meat, cheese, veges and fish - the world's your oyster with this one!


A perfect knife for bootleggers or anyone that likes a bit of spark in their adventures.

Copperhead Road Modern Santoku

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.