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Definitely a bit of a show-stopper, this one. A little flamboyant and a versatile performer.

And, unlike Dusty, it is easy to work with.

A kitchen all-rounder, the blade is designed much like a traditional Japanese deba with a strong thick spine and a double bevelled edge.

It is designed for cutting and slicing everything from vegetables to the breaking down of fish and chicken, as well as cutting through thicker pieces of meat.

Comfortable to hold in a pinch grip, your finger sits comfortably above the heel of the blade and its sharp defined tip is perfect for finer cutting jobs such as thinly slicing onions and shallots.

Sexy, soulful and colourful, the acrylic resin handle on this knife was hand-poured and there is none other identical to it. It is rather smooth to the touch.

This knife will add a bit of pazazz to your kitchen collection.

If you find yourself singing love-lorn ballads in the late of the evening while cooking, don’t be surprised. You might find your new knife ‘only wants to be with you.’

Technical Specifications:

Blade: D2 steel

Handle: Original One-off Hand-poured Mid-Blue Resin with Brass Pins

Spine: 3.0mm; Overall Length: 301mm; Blade Length: 166mm; Blade Width: 51mm; Handle Length: 150mm; Weight: 279 grams

Dusty Springfield Chef Knife

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.