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A light weight knife with a safety open and closed lock that you can carry in your pocket the whole day. Attached to a survival paracord lynyard which unravels to around 5 meters of useable rope (in case you have one of 'those' days), it is also designed to clip to your belt strap so that it can't be lost accidentally.


The blade has a lovely drop point which is aligned to the centre of the knife to give it a nice balance and the safety lock prevents it from opening while in your pocket which helps avoid nasty accidents - especially while running!


The Brazilian Jarrah handle with green Dayglo spots is designed to perfectly fit the outside and inside of the average palm and the CNC manufacturing of the knife has been undertaken with a close tolerance of fitting.


Strong, the blade has been double-grinded; resembling the shape of a spear. It also has a serrated, grooved support along the top of the spine of the blade so that your finger sits on it naturally. This feature supports a firmer grip, as well. 


Made from 440C stainless steel, the blade is hard and tough and is rust resistant. 


Should the worse happen and you end up needing it, the general survival clip also incorporates a whistle and a flint striker. 

Everyday Carry Folder Knife

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.