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Did you know that the hula hoop has been used by children and adults since 500BCE? This knife is not quite that old but the loops in the handle certainly make your eyes go round and round.


A new 'toy' for your kitchen - the long lasting and sturdy kind like they used to make in the old days of wooden trucks, handmade dolls and barnyard rabbits.


With a solid and slightly curved handle of Purple Heart, River Totara, Pohutukawa and Oak, the Hula Hoop is a lovely knife to hold and its smoothly rounded rectangular shape gives it a sure grip in your hand. You have a real sense of where your fingers are resting on the handle.


And, like all of our internal tang knives, the entry point of the tang into the handle has been sealed to prevent fluids seeping into your handle. Hygiene is important in any era.


The light mill scale finish on its N690 Stainless Steel blade also adds to the timeless impression of the knife.


This knife is heirloom in quality. Made to do just about everything in the kitchen except long stroke carving and boning - all the while keeping your fingers safely away from the cutting edge of the blade.


Rocking the apex on veges, meats, fish and cheeses while swinging your hips has never been easier.

Hula Hoop Traditional Santoku

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.