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Reminiscent of the kind of wood grain you might find in a stately old freestanding wardrobe, this Pohutukawa knife handle is just as firm and steady.


And, usefully, Pohutukawa is naturally immune to sea worms which is why it was used extensively by European ship builders in early New Zealand – Always good to know!


Shaped to match its 18mm wide N690 Stainless Steel blade, the slimline feel of the handle is great for paws of all sizes – from large bear-like mitts to delicate piano playing hands.  


Versatile and easy to steer while filleting , with a medium flex, this 9 inch filleter is perfect for pan-sized fish of any name or make.


Be it snapper, kahawai, kingi, trout or trevally in your catch, the sharp N690 blade on this 9 inch filleter will help you produce fillets that you can happily own up to.


Easy to sharpen and lightweight, this knife is the kind of helpmate that will keep going as long as you do, without tiring.

L'Armoire 9 Inch Filleter

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.