Brimming with passionate colour and ready to tango in your kitchen, this mid-sized cleaver is not the kind that shies away from challenges.


With a thick 6mm high carbon sleipner steel blade with a chisel grind bevel, it is designed to chop through bones of all makes and sizes - from fish heads, turkey bones to ribs and larger carcasses - and it can also help out with a stubborn pumpkin when the need arises.


The handle is made from Engineered Wood and is smooth to the touch - and the cleaver itself is weighted so that it is tip heavy and has more striking force in the blade as it falls.


A precision grind hole in the blade allows for 'easy hanging' storage in the kitchen and another decorative mosaic pin slinghole in the handle has been designed so that you can attach a lanyard if you prefer to chop with the cleaver secured to your wrist.


The 400 grit satin finish blade is almost as shiny as the brass and mosaic pins that secure the handle.


This blade is stunning and is bound to draw the attention of your dining room guests. Built to last a lifetime and longer, it is a formidable asset to any kitchen collection.





La Boca Cleaver

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.

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