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Check out the video above of this knife in action.


They say that lightning only strikes once, but that's not true. But it is true that Oak trees are often the tree species most often hit by lightning.


Why? Because they tend to be the tallest trees in a field and, given that they can live for over 1000 years, they are often left lonely in a forlorn paddock somewhere in the middle of nowhere.


This knife won't be lonely though, as we know it will be called upon again and again to do just about every task there is to do in a kitchen - other than washing the dishes, cleaning the floor and taking out the rubbish.


It is a wonderful, versatile and strong companion to have beside you everyday. Built for strength, the broad, round-edged handle reveals its beauty in its grain.


And its N690 stainless steel mill grind finished blade has a hollow grind cutting edge which makes it robust but also perfect for finer cutting jobs.


Alluring and handsome, from top to bottom, this knife will please you the moment you pick it up. Made to last, and of heirloom quality, it will see out many a decade too, if not a century or more, if it finds the loving owner that it deserves. Is that you?

Lightning Strike French Chef's Knife