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Not quite the ‘medicinal compound’ that the 1968 song refers to but still just as efficacious in the kitchen, the Lily the Pink French Chef’s knife is a smooth edged unit.

Made from a vivacious pink acrylic resin and purplish blue and pink stabilised wood, the handle of this knife is another one-off stunner that demands attention.

Both visually and in terms of performance, Lily stands out as something special. With a strong 3.5mm spine which distal tapers down to the tip of the blade, this knife will take on most kitchen tasks - from hewing through dense vegetables to finely slicing a tomato or cutting through heavier meats.

The D2 steel blade adds performance, high wear retention and a long lasting edge retention, making it a great all rounder and chefing companion.

Adding a bit of playful efficiency in your kitchen.

Here is the original 1968 song, by the Scaffold comedy group (from the days when funny things actually made it on to mainstream media).