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Like most ancient Greek icons, Orion had his fair share of chequered encounters. Strong, adept and seemingly able to survive a huge array of challenges, he has remained, for many, the embodiment of many mortal aspirations.

A formidable hunter for whom no animal was out of bounds, he exacted brave and daring feats and elevated his reputation to cult hero status.

Albeit, that the outline of his story is rather sketchy at best, he was reputedly memorialised by adoring goddesses who petitioned for him to be venerated exultantly in the stars upon his untimely death at the sharp end of a scorpion’s stinger or the arrow of Artemis the huntress (take your pick). Either way, his undoing was said to be motivated by female persuasion.

This knife is a tribute to all round hunting - Orion style! From rabbits to wapiti, it is designed to manoeuvre easily around small to large carcasses and provide an excellent skinning experience as well as provision an efficient and effortless breaking down of a carcass.

Made from 6mm high quality Elmax stainless steel, it is an extremely ergonomic and comfortable knife to use and hold.

With a lanyard hole to enable you to tie your knife to your belt or sheath, and a finger choil that rests immediately below the thumb rest at the top of the curved Texas Clip shaped spine, this knife gives you full control over its movements.

The 3/4 grind of the blade creates a great cutting geometry and, along with lightening the blade slightly, it also enables fuller deeper cutting.

The handle itself is made from a beautifully polished Purple Maple Burl and, being fully stabiliised, it is highly water resistant and also formidably strong. It’s a knife that is built for action while it curves comfortably into the palm of your hand.

And, weighing in at 228 grams, it won’t weigh down your pack either.

The perfect companion while out in the wild, other than a good mate or a faithful pooch, this knife won’t let you down in the heat of the moment. And Orion was all about perfecting his moments.


Technical Specifications:

Blade: Elmax Steel

Handle: Purple Maple Burl and Brass Pins

Spine: 6.0mm; Overall Length: 220mm; Blade Length: 90mm; Blade Width: 33mm; Handle Length: 115mm; Weight: 228 grams

Orion Elmax Hunter Skinner