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Rewa is a very modern gal. In fact, she is so modern she is a bit of a hybrid, as all non-traditionalists are!

A combination of two worlds; that of the Japanese Traditional Santoku and the deeper-bladed Serbian Chefs Knife, she brings a rock and roll aspect to her versatile capabilities. And versatile, she is!

Useful for deep slicing and push cutting, she can also get a smooth roll on over those finer dicing jobs which require a gently curved sharp-edged blade, as well. Scooping up the aftermath is second nature to her too, and her wide full flat blade allows for transporting of all manner of food items on the top of the knife into a pan or pot (rather than having to lift a heavier chopping board and scrape off that).

From herbs to veggies and meat of all kinds, she is the star of her own show.

Smooth and warm to hold, her native Rewarewa handle has a good firm grip and is perfect for working with your hand fully over the handle or in a pinch grip at the top of the handle (and toward the heel of the blade).

Made from Bohler Udderholm N690 stainless steel, she is a quality match for any other knife in the kitchen.

If you have never worked with a knife like this, you will soon find out how useful they are - and it may well become your go-to knife for virtually every thing you want to achieve in the kitchen.


Technical Specs:

Blade: N690 Stainless Steel

Handle: Rewarewa with Brass Pins

Spine: 2.5mm; Overall Length: 300mm; Blade Length: 135mm; Blade Width: 60mm; Handle Length: 145mm; Weight: 241 grams

Rewa the Modern Santoku

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