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She’s more vixen than ingenue and you certainly wouldn’t want her to be your neighbour but Sly Marlena has a trick or two up her sleeve.

She’s a high maintenance gal being made from 01 Tool Steel, in that she likes to be oiled and rubbed down after each use, or her high carbon nature will show itself in a rusty cold shoulder - and no one wants that.

But if you treat her right she will perform like the star she is. Sharp and cutting and utterly merciless in the precision of her blade she will lend her skills to pretty much anything in the kitchen - from stabbing out the eyes of potatoes to long protracted slicing of all manner of mammal-like flesh or veggies.

Firm and comfortable to hold she is a bit of a show pony too, with her hand-poured blue and magenta resin handle and deceptively demure pink-necked bolster.

Definitely a one of a kind, this gal, but don’t take her for granted. A short to medium length, medium weight, chef's knife knows it place in this world and that is ‘centre stage, darlings!’. She is capable of anything!

Technical Specs:

Blade: 01 Tool Steel (High Carbon)

Handle: Original One-off Hand-poured Mid-Blue and Purple Resin with Atomic Pink Kirinite Bolster and Brass Pins

Spine: 3.0mm; Overall Length: 295mm; Blade Length: 150mm; Blade Width: 52mm; Handle Length: 140mm; Weight: 224 grams

Sly Marlena Chef Pro Kitchen Knife