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Who can resist the swirling pleasure of a spa bath? A party for one or with others, it is bound to be fun!

Luxury in blue waters. And that is exactly what the striking blue resin handle of this knife reminds you of. There is something incredibly relaxing about the gentle whorls and visual eddies of its design.

It’s built for the heavy jobs but you can’t help but unwind and mellow a little when you are doing them.

Whether you are dealing to large vegetables, sectioning apart ribs or creating the perfect steak fillets from a larger piece of meat, this knife will attend to the task effortlessly. The sturdy 3.5mm spine on this D2 steel knife enables its strength and the hardness of the steel ensures a sharp and robust cutting edge.

It is a knife for all seasons and you will find more than one use for this versatile long bladed beauty.

BBQ by the pool, anyone?


Technical Specs:

Blade: D2 Steel

Handle: One-off Blue Swirl Resin with Arctic Blue Kirinite Bolster and Brass and Copper Pins

Spine: 3.5mm; Overall Length: 405mm; Blade Length: 245mm; Blade Width: 52mm; Handle Length: 160mm; Weight: 400 grams

Spa Party Bunka Meat Knife

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