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Long before the word Amazon became associated with books, consumeristic products and evil ‘geniuses’ who fly into space, people associated the name with the mighty and majestic Amazon rainforest and independent female warriors - and it is the biodiverse river and jungle that we had in mind when we affectionately named this knife.

Gazing at the handle of this super sturdy knife elicits visions of an aerial sweep over the beauty of the earth below. Fauna, forest and river blending seamlessly together.

And that is exactly where the Amazon Pigsticker belongs; on the ground, in nature.

Designed to be reliable in the heat of the moment, this thick-spined medium weighted knife is built for strength and performance. Its high carbon D2 steel blade won’t twist or torque on you when you use it and it will retain its edge in the field.

Colour-infused and stabilised to create a hygienic water-resistant and long lasting protection of the Curly Ash wood from which it is made, the smooth handle of this knife curves naturally and comfortably into the shape of your closed palm and the profile of the top end of the handle is designed as a built-in barrier to stop your fingers from slipping forward onto the blade while you are using it.

Dynamic and down to earth, combined with a bit of the exotic, this is a knife that will do what it is designed to do tirelessly; beauty and functionality blended together.


Technical Specifications:

Blade: D2 Steel

Handle: Stabilised Green Curly Ash and Brass Pins

Spine: 3.3mm; Overall Length: 320mm; Blade Length: 167mm; Blade Width: 28mm; Handle Length: 148mm; Weight: 243 grams

The Amazon Pig Sticker

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.