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El conquistador del mundo! This knife can travel anywhere!


With a handle made from beautiful dense and patterned Cocobolo hardwood from Central America and a blade created from a utilitarian Nicholson file, this knife is already a hybrid of all things good.


Finely textured with striking markings, Cocobolo is one of the world's most sought after lumbers, valued for its hardness and strength as well as it variations in colour. 


The handle is subtly sculpted and is smooth and sturdy in your grasp. Its quiet and serious tone is enhanced and embellished by elegant handmade mosiac pins and a mosaic sling hole at the butt of the handle to which you can attach a lanyard as insurance against dropping and losing your knife. 


The blade itself retains some of its honest origins and attributes, with the file markings being retained. You know it was a working tool and it continues to be one.


Designed for everyday hunting and outdoor use, it is both strong and sharp due to the carbon rating in the make up of its blade - and the high natural oils in the Cocobolo help to protect the handle from water and external deterioration.


An easy to carry, solid, and lovely little outdoor performer. 


If you look after this knife by cleaning and oiling it after use, it will look after you. It's a reciprocal arrangement!


The Conquistador

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.