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Takefu Yoshoku, it’s a mouthful to say but that is what this lovely raindrop patterned multilayered Japanese blade is made from.

Essentially, this amazingly light and fine steel is made from a combined layering (on the outside) of high grade silver stainless steel, copper and brass. On the inside of this combination of outer steels (the mokume cladding), lies a high performance and hard edged steel known as V-Toku2 and a thin adjoining layer of nickel steel.

V-Toku2 is famous for its razor sharpness and its long edge life. Its higher level hardness gives it a supreme cutting ability that few steels can match. The defensive coat of multilayered steels around this inner core also makes it more resistant to corrosion due to their milder steel composition.

But what is this particular knife made for, other than extremely high performance in the kitchen? In essence, long blade slicing, one slice cutting and precision work.

It’s a gyuto, a big long-bladed knife designed for big things - roasts, meat, veggies, shawarma slicing, and sushi preparation but keep it away from bones and frozen things. It is not designed to cut through brittle or frozen food. It is too fine a blade for that kind of mistreatment!

The Cocobolo wooden handle (with buffalo horn bolster) is chamfered (bevelled) for comfort in your hand and the belly of the handle is a comfortable grip. As is the pinch grip on this knife.

The Cosmic Rocket is perfectly balanced on the pinch grip point of the blade and it is delightfully light to hold.

The handle is a little longer than average too. Designed for those cooks who like to tuck their handle in a lock position by their wrist when cutting or who like a knife handle that enables a bit of leverage in the rocking and dicing mode.

From all appearances, this knife is going somewhere! It will be a very special addition to a very special household. And it is definitely not your average cutting utensil.

It’s cosmic, without a doubt. Manoeuvering this beauty in the kitchen defies a sense of place and time.


Technical Specifications:


Blade: Takefu Yoshoku

Handle: Cocobolo with Buffalo Horn and Red G10 Liner

Spine: 3.12mm; Overall Length: 425mm; Blade Length: 260mm; Blade Width: 45mm; Handle Length: 165mm; Weight: 227 grams


The Cosmic Rocket Chefs Knife

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.