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Bays, lagoons, inlets, whatever you want to call them, estuaries are cool places to hang out.

There is a richness and a diversity to them that is totally unique - a bit like this big bunka knife, really.

Deep dark chocolatey tones swirl like a tidal landscape in the solid walnut handle which perfectly balances the strength of the long blade it is designed to accompany.

With a reverse tanto tip for finer slicing capability at the top of the blade, the strong 3.3mm spine and deep blade enables the ‘big work’ ability of this knife. Big veggie, big meat, steak, roasts, ribs, brisket; this knife can handle them.

Long slicing and dicing is a bunka’s forte and its relative weightiness is designed to assist in the process. In short, it is a big strong knife created with a heavy blade that is intended to do a lot of the dense and heavy work for you.

K340 is an impressively strong and tough steel and, being hardened to 62 Rockwell hardness, this knife will keep an edge and continue to delight throughout the years.


Technical Specs:

Blade: K340 Steel

Handle: Walnut with Brass Bolster and Brass Pins

Spine: 3.3mm; Overall Length: 405mm; Blade Length: 240mm; Blade Width: 55mm; Handle Length: 160mm; Weight: 410 grams

The Estuary Bunka Meat Knife

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