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Fulsome, wholesome ... call it what you will, but this knife is a full fit caress for your hand.


Made from rock hard Casuarina wood, and complete with the dark indentations marking its woody origins, it is a darling to hold - and use ... (once you get past the sheer pleasure of holding it).


Perfectly curved and balanced for a pinch grip style of operation, the design of the handle also assists by keeping your hand higher from the chopping board so that there is less accidental knocking of your fingers on the cutting surface. Handy!


The apex of the N690 stainless steel blade is curved to match, as well - and the fullness of the blade means that scooping your 'choppings' into a bowl or pot afterwards is as easy as 123 or the proverbial pie.


And the 2.5mm spine and a full flat grind make slicing and deep cutting a breeze - alongside the Modern Santoku's usual duties of mincing and dicing.


Designed for all manner of jobs in the kitchen and smooth to the touch, this knife will continue to please for years to come.


"A great little workhorse in the kitchen," as Willie likes to say - but without the hair or mane.



The Fulsome Modern Santoku

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.