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Known for the glossy purple plumage on their heads, Grackles are a bird with quite a mixed reputation.  Found in large numbers in North America, they appear black from a distance and are masters of foraging – usually in large groups – which is not good if you happen to be a corn farmer!


They can knock out sparrows and catch and kill bats in midair - Quite some animal.


On the plus side, they also eat pretty much every insect available and thus pay back all the damage they do in gardens and fields. You have to love life’s ironies and balance.


And, to top it all off, they have an inbuilt magnetic mineral in their heads, beaks and necks that helps them navigate the earth’s geomagnetic fields.  


Who would have thought! How handy would that be when it comes to heading out in the boat?


Unfortunately this filleting knife doesn’t come with a built in GPS but it can do a lot of other things well.


Whether you are ‘foraging’ for larger or smaller fish, the stiffer flex in this 9 inch N690 stainless steel filleting blade, won’t let you down.


Sharp and designed for precision cutting, it will go where you steer it and you won’t need to fight with it to get it to do what you want.


It’s a lovely light knife to hold too (slightly lighter than a male Grackle, in fact) and its smooth grained Blackwood handle is both strong and durable. Topped by a lustrous Purple Haze fluid resistant kirinite bolster (“head”) to add to its good looks, it is quite a subtle beauty.


So why did we call it The Grackle? It’s a tenacious mid-sized filleter, sharp,  colourful and able to punch well above its weight class. Don’t ever underestimate a Grackle.

The Grackle 9 Inch Filleter

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.