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This single bevelled Green Mamba is not likely to bite but it will make fancy work of your sashimi - and it has a fish tail shaped handle to boot.


Designed for long smooth cutting it is a seriously sharp slicing machine. Strong and engaged in life again after a significant absense from its former employment as a saw blade on a gang saw, this blade is primed and ready for a new life. 


Looking all shiny and new on its cutting edge side and yet still retaining the working pit marks on the flat of the blade on its non-bevelled side (in tribute to its former utilitarian life), this knife reflects the reality of starting again - Rearing to go but still aware of its previous life.


And with a glittering new Kiwi Blade handmade resin handle, it is a product of our current age - where old meets new.


In makeover terms, it has had 'the works'. Its high carbon pedigree gives it a razor sharp edge and its resilient 75CR1 heritage means that it is a strong tough blade.


So aside from sashimi, it will tackle just about anything else you want to carve - from brisket to roasts. 


This is definitely a heavy duty knife.. It's not one to mess with - and it is razor, razor sharp!


Just don't call it 'old' to its face!


The Green Mamba Single Bevelled Sashimi Knife

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.