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Rapunzel - it's a fairly Gothic type of tale - and the jury is out as to why such a lovely young woman was ever locked in such a tall impenetrable spire. As stories go, they have changed over the years - each with a flavour of their own.


And this knife has a 'flavour' all of its own too. Angular, tapered and straightlined like a tower, with very slightly bevelled edges on its Rewa Rewa and Tawa handle, it sports all of the classic lines of a Japanese styled handle.


Its N690 Stainless Steel blade, with a dark mill scale finish, has a 15 degree curve toward the tip to enable a rocking action while dicing and mincing vegetables, meat, fish and cheeses. And its slight convex cutting edge has been designed for easy slicing.


A great utility knife in the kitchen, this knife will undertake almost every job you throw at it. It's not really a carving knife - but then, a knife can't be all things to all tasks either.


The sheepsfoot blade has several advantages too, for those who are occasionally accident prone - in that, the lack of a sharp point at the tip of the knife makes it much harder to inadvertently stab yourself while cutting.


A chance to 'let your hair down' in the kitchen - or not. In fact, the beauty of this knife is such, that if it were a real tower, you might not actually want to escape from it.



The Rapunzel Traditional Santoku

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.