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A true hardliner - uncompromising in performance and firm stand on its strong straight lines, this knife will take its assigned role in the kitchen very seriously.


Classical and traditional, it is a lovely knife to hold.


Its handle is constructed in line with the Japanese love of simple and elegant design -  fine chiselled lines at the top of the hardy but lightweight Eucalyptus grip, blending down into a gently rounded rectangular resting place for your fingers.


A form of upside down D, the shape balances well in your hand and gives you good leverage from your palm while push cutting through vegetables and meats when you need a bit more oompf.


It is also an easy knife to use in a pinch grip and it rocks slicing, dicing and mincing, as all traditional santokus should


Its N690 quality dark mill scale stainless steel blade is made to last and it will keep a razor sharp edge as long as you don't go using it as a garden implement, paving tool or anything similar.


A wonderful, elegant knife that will look timelessly chic no matter what decade you find it in.

The Hardliner Traditional Santoku

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.