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Is this knife designed for hunting Kiwi? No, most definitely not!

But it does have our own special kiwi mosaic pins embedded in it though, hence its name.

And this is no ordinary knife. With a razor sharp VG10 core for the smoothest of cutting, and protective layers of folded stainless steel on the outside, this takefu steel blade has been made with a specialised san mai technique (or folded layers of softer steel sandwiched around an inner hard carbon steel core). It is a spectacular Japanese high quality steel and it is designed to stay sharp and perform effortlessly in the field.

The sharp point tip of the blade facilitates easy penetration of the skin and running from the incision point upwards without touching the intestines.

Comfortably shaped to curve into your hand, it is small and light weight and allows for dextrous and precision skinning of animals as petite as a rabbit to larger animals of all shapes and sizes.

Its buffalo horn handle has been incised with grooves to add more texture and grip to its strong durable finish. And the grip of the knife has been enhanced with a smoothly contoured and sculpted belly which allows for a comfortable place to rest your fingers.

The Kiwi Takefu Skinner is one special knife. Definitely a knife that can, and will, be handed down through generations.


Technical Specifications:

Blade: Multi layered Takefu Steel with VG10 core

Handle: Polished Buffalo Horn with Kiwi Blade Mosaic Pins

Spine: 4mm, Overall Length: 203mm; Blade Length: 90mm; Blade Width: 21mm; Handle Length: 110mm: Weight: 134g

The Kiwi Takefu Hunter Skinner

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.