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Marshmallow in colour but not in spirit, don't try dropping one of these into your morning mocha!


With a firm but smooth rectangular grip,  and some funky pinkish mosaic pins, you always know where this knife is in your hand. 


And it's pink ... what more needs to be said. Pink is the accessory colour for every other colour ever designed for women!


A little bit of gorgeousness, it will brighten your day and not only that, it will do a fine job of slicing, dicing and gently rocking to create delicate little morsels at the end of the blade.


And the extra wide blade is more than ample for scooping everything up at the end.


Made from sleek and stylish N690 stainless steel, the blade has also been embellished with a 200 grit satin polish to give it that extra bit of bling.


It's Willie's modern version of a traditional Japanese santoku. The three virtues embodied in this knife? .. slicing, mincing and dicing, of course. Is there anything else?




Comfortable, versatile and designed for just about every job you can throw at it, this knife will please you over and over again.

The Marshmallow Modern Santoku