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Debas, traditionally, are fairly weighty kitchen knives. Designed to fillet fish and cut through meat tendons and smaller chicken bones, their strength and weight is there for a reason.

They are not cleavers though and should not be used like one (unless you want to cut through fish heads). Their strong sharp single bevelled edge will give you precision slicing where you need it - especially if you preparing sushi or daikon or even julienning your less dense vegetables.

Debas also need to be left handed or right handed as the flat edge of the blade is designed to sit tightly beside your cutting line. This one is a right handed single bevel so only Righties need apply.

They are amazing knives and are a popular knife type with traditional Japanese chefs.

This knife, in particular, is slightly handle heavy and its look is anything but pedestrian (despite its name, which is based more on the subtle diagonal stripes of the stabilised wooden grain in its Manuka handle). Sporting darker hues of blue and even more delicate lines of darker bluish black and darkest forest greens, it has a sophisticated and understated charm all of its own.

Its D2 steel blade runs all the way through the knife as a full tang, too, making the knife stronger than the average internal tang alternatives. This is a rock steady knife and with its gentle curved blade and strong angular tip, it will surprise you with its pluckiness and resolve.

The only real shortcoming with these magnificent knives is that they have a bit of an aversion to potatoes, kumara and other denser vegetables. It’s not a personal thing! Debas like every vegetable they just gel more with some than others.

And here is the reason why … The single bevel is so sharp it tends to make them curl under dense vegetables rather than slicing straight down and right through them.

If you know how to use a deba, there is nothing else like it. Sharpness knows no bounds with these knives.


Technical Specs:

Blade: 01 Tool Steel (High Carbon)

Handle: Stabilised Manuka and Brass Pins

Spine: 4.0mm; Overall Length: 300mm; Blade Length: 160mm; Blade Width: 52mm; Handle Length: 147mm; Weight: 299 grams

The Pedestrian Single Bevel Right Handed Deba

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