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Common quails are more often heard than seen – but this one won’t be! Sporting a very distinctive pattern this Rewarewa native wooden handle demands attention.

Lightweight and well balanced, the Quail will help you chop, slice and dice your way through meat, vegetables, fruits and cheeses of all types.

Perfect for push cutting and slicing away from yourself, it adds a bit security to the accident prone amongst us, as well.

A santoku is a utility knife and you can apply it to all manner of jobs in the kitchen.

Line those aliments up and then scoop the remains of your handiwork on the flat of the blade, straight into your pot too.

The handle tapers from a wider base down to a slimmer fit at the blade to enable both a rocking and chopping motion using the whole handle as well as providing a comfortable pinch grip for when you want to work with your fingers resting onthe flat of the blade.

Slightly chiselled into a bevelled rectangular shape, the handle makes this knife enjoyable to both hold and use.

And its N690 stainless steel blade, with its deep convex grind, is sturdy, sharp and will keep an edge.

An excellent knife to have when you want to add a bit of finesse and pizazz to your meal time prep.

The Quail Traditional Santoku