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High specialised, streamlined and exact in operation, the British RAF Red Arrow display team are a select group of individual pilots who have entertained and wowed crowds with their aerobatic manoeuvres since 1965.

And while we wouldn’t recommend getting this kitchen paring knife airborne any time soon, it is definitely also operationally fit for purpose. Sleek, sharp and strong, it is designed to take on the smaller jobs in the kitchen, from paring and peeling vegetables and fruit, to the finer dicing of herbs and slicing of all manner of greenery, to poking out the eyes of potatoes.

It is the utility knife you reach for when you don’t want a heavier carving knife for the job.

A perfect companion to a French Chef’s knife these two will team up to cover most cutting and chopping roles in the kitchen.

Razor sharp with a full flat grind and satin finish, it will cut deeply and smoothly with ease.

It may not fly that well but it will add another string to your bow.


Technical Specs:

Blade: N690 Stainless Steel

Handle: True Blood Kirinite and Brass Pins

Spine: 2.5mm; Overall Length: 255mm; Blade Length: 125mm; Blade Width: 27mm; Handle Length: 135mm; Weight: 126 grams

The Red Arrow Kitchen Paring Knife