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Say Ronan and you most likely think ‘Keating’ but it is actually an Irish name meaning ‘little seal’ – the sea creature kind … (which Ronan’s wife may well have wished he was after all his sideline fiascos).


As for this knife, … it’s brown (roan coloured) with a wonderful variegated grain running through its Blackwood base.


And it’s razor sharp. It’s N690 millscale finished N690 blade is square across with a slight 15 degree rise toward the tip of the blade – perfect for that rocking motion that flows with fine slicing and dicing.


Designed for cutting everything from beef to throw into your winter casserole to whisking through a whole range of salad vegetables for a summer outdoor platter, this knife is a versatile companion in the kitchen.


Sturdy, well balanced and long-handled, it rests smoothly and comfortably in your hand.


The sheepsfoot shape of the blade (curving spine) is great for the accident prone too as there is no traditional sharp point at the end of the blade (which are common in most Western types of kitchen knives).


We think it’s great but then again … to quote Ronan loosely  … it is probably said “best, when we say nothing at all” ;-)

The Ronan Traditional Santoku

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.