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Siamese Fighting fish aren't starter fish and likewise, this filleting knife is not a starter filleting knife. It is possibly as complex in colour as a Betta Fish but not as sensitive.


And no, it is not designed for filleting small aquarium offerings. Fair's fair! The 8 1/2 Stainless Steel N690 is designed with Snapper, Blue Cod, Tarakihi and Trevally in mind.


The uniqueness of this knife comes from the design of the handle and blade.


Slim shaped and sculpted for your fingers, the handle itself is shorter than the average filleting knife, allowing for a free index style filleting where your index finger can rest on the unsharpened underside at the base of the blade if you want it to. The advantage of this is that it allows you to precision steer your filleting cuts.


The blade itself is thin for less cutting resistance - and it has a fairly stiff flex for such a narrow knife. 


Made from two different colours of water resistant and hygenic kirinite resin, it is a bit of a stunner and it is definitely different. You won't see many of these knives around, so yours will stand out as totally unique.


It's a 'statement knife' for adventurous types that are not part of the herd. People will remember it.


Brilliant for slicing sashimi as well as straight filleting, it is a beautiful and original designer fillet knife.

The Siamese Fighter Filleting Knife

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.