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Conjure up images of the Sunday Roast and you always see happy, eager faces and a long sharp carving knife slicing effortlessly through your succulent roast. The emphasis being on sharp performance and thin cuts of meat.


Made from high carbon steel 75CR1 steel, this knife blade started its life as a a strong and sturdy gang saw blade and the properties of strength and robustness that saw it utilised in that field make it an excellent carving knife also - a strong sharp precision cutting apex and the ability to withstand knocks.


They don't make gang saw blades that back down in the midst of the action!


It's slim, deep, Blackwood handle is just as robust and it has an easy sculpted grip equally comfortable for small to large hands.


Clean and oil this knife after use, and it will look after your roasts for decades to come - Leave it unattended on the table with meat juices and fragments of sliced meat still attached and it will discolour and rust before your eyes.


High carbon steels are easy to sharpen and keep a razor sharp edge - but you have to look after them.


Sharp and tough enough to slice through your Sunday roasts with ease, this knife is a beauty but it has been made with careful owners in mind.

The Sunday Roast Carving Knife

  • All handcrafted knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to maintain the blade and handle in good condition.