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Check out the video above to see this unique knife in action


Named in reference to the russet coloured markings of the ferret, the handle of this knife is not likely to 'sleep for 14 - 18 hours a day' or prefer to 'sleep in an enclosed area' like a normal ferret.


In fact, it should never even rest with other knives in a drawer if you want to keep the blade sharp and 'healthy'.


The through tang on the wooden handle on this knife guarantees that it is stronger than a polecat's bite and the parquet combination of Puriri, Oak, Walnut , Rata and Purple Heart makes it a totally unique design. There will never be another quite like it.


Made for slicing, dicing and chopping everything from vegetables to meats, it has a sharp and robust blade - and being constructed from N690 Stainless Steel, you will also be able to sharpen your cutting edge at home on a ceramic rod too, every now and again, when it needs it.


Santokus are wonderful knives. Their versatility is amazing. And as Willie puts it ... "they are great little workhorses in the kitchen."

The Tree Ferret Traditional Santoku