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Named for the rich red brown umber hues of its Blackwood handle and its delicately sharp distal tapered cutting edge, this knife does not, in fact, hail from Umbria but its beauty is such that it would well suit such a rustic and time-rich setting.


With a nonchalant air of 'authentic nature' about it, this knife, with its elliptically tapered lightweight handle and a razor cutting edge, has a sense about it that would suit any home - modern or traditional.


And it performs! Check out the video above.


The slices that you can create with this little paring knife are wafer thin. It's great for slicing and for use on fine meats and vegetables but don't go digging too hard into the depths of a potato in search of an eye because its just not designed for that kind of thing. It's strong but it is delicate and the tip of the knife is designed to lead a slicing motion not act like a rough hammer in a vegetable storm.


This knife is a 'petal' and if you treat it like one, it will reward you. 


For delicate and careful owners only who appreciate a fine edge and the subtlety of things.









The Umbrian Petal Kitchen Paring and Utility Knife