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Vipers are very calculated and efficient in determining how much venom they need to use to kill their prey.

And this Juma-resin 8 inch filleting knife is also an efficient beast, designed for filleting everything from a gurnard to a decent pan sized snapper and beyond.

Its 01 Tool Steel blade has a reasonably stiff flex and will keep a razor sharp edge due to its high carbon content. High carbon means you will need to oil it (with a good vegetable oil) every time you use it though so this knife is not for the laissez-faire or careless fisherman.

01 Tool Steel is an excellent steel and if you look after it, it will look after you. Ignore or neglect it, and it will rust away before your eyes.

The benefits of a high carbon steel are many, most prominently edge retention and easy sharpenability.

If efficiency and performance is what you are after, this knife, with its wide handle grip and comfortably sculpted finger placement features, is a great option.

It will certainly inject a little pizazz into your fishing tool box and make you the envy of your mates - some might say they may even turn a little ‘green’ at the sight of it.


Technical Specs:

Blade: 01 Tool Steel

Handle: Green Juma Resin and Brass Pins

Spine: 2.0mm; Overall Length: 350mm; Blade Length: 205mm; Blade Width: 25mm; Handle Length: 155mm; Weight: 190 grams

Stiff to medium flex

The Viper 8 inch Filleter

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