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All storage spaces have a tale to tell, particularly the type that hold just about everything you can throw at them. And odd-shaped storage spaces such as those located in side walls and under the stairs are no exception.

Jumbled in with all manner of collectibles (that no one can find a display place for), the gem of an old knife can often be found, laying dormant and unused; a mere shadow of its former glorious self.

And although new in its entirety, this traditional wooden handled French Chef’s knife has just that feeling about it - timeless, traditional, solid and elegant. The kind of beauty you might see restored in an old knife that has lasted the test of time.

It is a smooth and reasonably heavy-weighted charmer.

Comfortable and warm to hold, its Black Maire handle is quietly subdued in appearance. It doesn’t scream for attention but possesses a rustic and uncomplicated beauty all of its own - much like that solid dependable friend who doesn’t make a fuss but is always there when you need them.

Quiet, pleasant, strong, and built to last, this knife is designed for heavy duty work in the kitchen. Its 7 1/2 inch blade will perform spectacularly in the slicing of meat and vegetables of all densities and the sharp tip of the blade will facilitate finer cutting and dicing when called on to do so.

It is a fantastic all rounder with a lovely curve at the top end of the cutting edge which allows for a gentle rocking action which is both smooth and fluid in motion.

It is actually the kind of knife that should never be thrown under a staircase or dusty old box but should, instead, be loved forever, and passed on through the generations to be enjoyed year after year.


Technical Specs:

Blade: N690 Stainless Steel

Handle: Black Maire

Spine: 3.5mm; Overall Length: 330mm; Blade Length: 185mm; Blade Width: 45mm; Handle Length: 135mm; Weight: 294 grams

Under the Staircase French Chefs Knife

  • All of our knives carry a lifetime warranty of quality craftsmanship

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