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You probably know it as the Big Dipper but the constellation of Ursa Major (or in Latin, the great-she-bear) has been mentioned in plays and poetry - and hunting stories - for centuries.

Listed by Ptolemy in the 2nd Century AD (BCE) , it is the 3rd largest constellation known to humankind and the pointer stars of the constellation point to the North Star.

Which is all very interesting but what has it got to do with the naming of this knife? Everything. The crux of the matter being, that the Bear, according to Native American star gazers was also thought have been followed by three hunters (which can also be interpreted as the three stars in the handle of the Big Dipper).

Hunting is what this knife is all about and with a 6mm spine the Ursa Major Hunter Skinner is strong enough to tackle most of the carcasses that you want to throw at it.

Made from high quality Elmax stainless steel with a slight drop point, this heavy solid knife keeps a razor sharp edge and it will not disappoint you in the field.

Sculpted for your fingers to sit comfortably, you can literally feel the weight and balance of it in your hand.

The handle is made from stabilised Purple Maple Burl and is designed so that your index finger rests reliably at the base of the heel of the blade. The ricasso and plunge line add an extra element of protection too, in that the sharp edge of the blade edge begins beyond them.

The tip of the blade begins to narrow from the midpoint of the spine and it tapers down to a fine cutting edge at the tip. Perfect for skinning, jointing and generally breaking down a carcass.

So now that you know its origins, you can wax lyrical about your knife, beside the campfire, while zipping it up through the intestines of your catch.

It is time to give this Bear of a Knife, a proper outing.

Technical Specs:

Blade: Elmax Steel

Handle: Purple Maple Stabilised Burl with True Blood Toxic Green Bolster and Brass Pins

Spine: 6.0mm; Overall Length: 225mm; Blade Length: 105mm; Blade Width: 33mm; Handle Length: 115mm; Weight: 238 grams


Ursa Major Elmax Steel Hunting Knife

  • All of our knives carry a lifetime warranty of quality craftsmanship

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