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What are the undulating curves at the top of the blade for? Is something we always get asked. And the answer is, to rest your fingers on.

No small nod, in favour of waves of all kinds, the spine of this blade is designed for comfort.

A cross between a traditional Japanese santoku and a Serbian deeper-bladed chef’s knife, the Wave Rider Santoku retains the rocking action of the Modern Santoku and the deeper slicing and cutting and scooping ability of a Serbian Chef’s knife - and scoop it does.

Especially useful for working in small spaces, this knife rocks, slices, dices and scoops everything from herbs and vegetables to cheeses, chicken, fish and other meats. It is an incredibly versatile blade.

With a wavy modern santoku, there is no need to take heavy chopping boards across to your bowl or pot. It is much easier to scoop everything up instead, and take the knife, laden with your delicious choppings, directly to the pot.

Operationally, the curve of the Tasmanian Blackwood handle is smooth, strong and levers well from both the end of the handle positioning, when rocking the knife, as well as the pinch point on the blade which lends it extreme versatility in terms of the cutting actions that it enables.

Push cutting, in particular, becomes second nature, in terms of operability. It is a lovely knife to use as a result, and for the accident prone amongst us, the strong N690 stainless steel sheepsfoot blade adds a layer of protection against stabbing yourself in the hand with the tip of the blade.

What is there not to like? It is one of the most useful knives ever to be found in a kitchen. Once you have one you may soon find that you are reluctant to reach for anything else.


Technical Specs:

Blade: N690 Stainless Steel

Handle: Tasmanian Blackwood

Spine: 2.5mm; Overall Length: 300mm; Blade Length: 135mm; Blade Width: 60mm; Handle Length: 135mm; Weight: 260 grams

Wave Rider Modern Wavy Santoku